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Hello from the RECYCLABOTS

Did you know that recycling metal uses 17 times less energy than extracting it from the ground, as well as helping to protect plants and animals in areas that would otherwise be mined.

Educating children at an early age on the benefits of recycling can be a powerful tool for encouraging vital, long-term changes in behaviour.

We want to help educate the metal recyclers of the future.

Recyclabots is a FREE, fun, interactive KS2 Science session, designed to help children learn about metals and recycling.

Delivered by one of our sustainability experts, the session aims to inspire children to get excited about recycling and make positive environmental changes, exploring topics such as:

  • The main properties of metal
  • How to recognise the uses of metal in their classroom, homes and the world around them
  • Why recycling is important

The session lasts for around one hour and consists of an interactive video and activities. It also includes an activity book that can be completed by the children after the session, or at home.