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Fun school holiday activities from the RECYCLABOTS

Earth parents! The RECYCLABOTS are here to help you through the school holidays with weekly fun activities for your young robots.

Oretis Recyclabot

Create your own RECYCLABOT

To start off, you can read about the RECYCLABOTS and design your own robot to help with local recycling.

Sycle Recyclabot

Join the dots, colour the bot

It's our second RECYCLABOTS activity! Join the dots to make your own bot and share your artwork online.


Solve the clues, find the words

Can you complete the RECYCLABOTS crossword and find all the recycling-related words?


Home treasure hunt

The RECYCLABOTS can help you find metal objects ready for recycling.

Oretis Recyclabot

Colour-in pack

Add some colour to the RECYCLABOTS with our colouring in sheets. Don't forget to share your robots online.

Sycle Recyclabot

Spot the difference

+++ RECYCLABOTS printing error +++ One of these images is wrong +++ Can you find the differences?


Write a poem

Impress the Recyclabots with a poem about why recycling is important to you.

Ortis the Recyclabot

Recycling certificate

Congrats! You're now a Recyclabots recycling champion. Download your certificate.

Has your school signed up for Recyclabots? Ask a teacher to complete the online form here.